Why Facebook Advertising will Benefit your Business

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Adhara Media Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Why Facebook Advertising will Benefit your Business

1. People you want to advertise to are using it. A lot.

Facebook is completely ingrained in our culture. Not only this, people are addicted to it. Facebook reported 1.09 billion daily active users for March 2016. That’s not just the total number user accounts – it’s the number of users that are logging in and browsing Facebook every single day.

Facebook is the ultimate satisfaction for lazy procrastination. People scroll and scroll, looking for anything to interest them. And when you target your audience properly (see below), your ad will interest them. It’s perfect.

2. You can target the people who are most likely to want your business

No one knows more about someone’s life than Facebook. You can use this to your advantage.

When you advertise on TV, radio, or on a billboard you advertise to every single person that watches, listens or moves past it – and you pay for it.

On Facebook however, you can specifically target the people that are most interested in what you’re selling, making it better value for money, more effective, and simply more satisfying.

3. You can test and adjust your ads so that they reach their best potential

Never has it been easier to see what works and what doesn’t. And then act on it.

Certain pictures grabbing more attention? Particular text pulling in more people? One audience responding better than an other? If it doesn’t work – cut it, if it needs tweaking, tweak it and if it’s doing really well, funnel more of your budget into it to get even greater results.

4. Facebook teaches you more about who your customers are

This knowledge is the key to your success. Reports and Insights allow you to see more information about the people who are connected to your page and who responded most to your ads. Use this information to tailor future ads and achieve better and better results with every campaign.

5. It’s SO cheap

You can literally spend $1AUD a day if that’s all your budget is. The more you learn about what you’re doing, the less you need to spend to get more. And then you can get away with spending very little.

Learn how to make the most from your Facebook Advertising.


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